Tuesday, March 22, 2011

tackling the trench coat

i love outerwear. let's face it. if you live anywhere that has temperature swings, for 3/4 of the year outerwear is part of your outfit. it's what you are seen in at the grocery store or out and about running errands. so you might as well have something that looks cute, flatters your figure, and compliments your outfit.

that being said, outerwear is something i expect to spend more money on. i tried to feature trenches that are more affordable than less afforable (around the $100-$200 mark, sorry beautiful burberry!) as well as more "classic" pieces. because you are spending more on it, a trench coat should be something that should last awhile and not be too trendy (again, timeless pieces = investment pieces). ready? let's go!
first up, a navy smudged spot printed trench coat in an hour-glass flattering shape from topshop:

this one would add that feminine touch with casual outfits, but then also work for dressing up.

next up is the cassie trench from guess. talk about perfect details. the shape is just amazing. i love the front cascade, and the back hood is perfect for those really rainy days. (and check out those amazing buttons on the sleeve!)

then, i headed to asos and found multiple options. love this website! how about this 60s trench in vibrant orange?
if the orange isnt for you, how about a similar shape in classic tan? i love the little buttons on this one from a wear. 
i have also had good luck with outerwear from juicy couture. i know, i know. the first thing i think when i hear juicy is sweatsuits with rhinestones, not exactly my style. BUT, i have been thoroughly impressed with their clothing. this floral jaquard jacket is so beautiful. excellent fabric and details.
another feminine black trench is the eyelet trim trench from betsey johnson:

this fairgrounds memory coat from tulle, available at modcloth, is quite charming:

this last long-sleeve coat is also by tulle and absolutely swoon worthy! perfect color! adorable bow!
and as an added bonus, tulle will donate 50% of your total purchase to the japan quake and tsunami relief fund. (plus, enter surprise5 for 5% off your total purchase.)

until next time,
p.s. i was hoping to feature some anthropologie or leifsdottir trenches, as honestly, i own quite a few from these stores that are great quality and wonderful styles - but this season seems lacking. :( hopefully fall brings some better options!


  1. ohh..pretty! I love the bright orange 60's mod one, and the girly polka dots....

    heh, just treated myself to a popback of the burnt caramel Icon Trench on sale at J Crew...I hope it fits well!

  2. ooh, that trench is such a beautiful piece! i hope it works out! :)

  3. I have to say the Fairgrounds memory coat is too cute and something I would wear. The Betsy Johnson is cute too. Last but not least Floral Jaquard Jacket made me swoon :) Great picks! Thanks for sharing. I have so many coats as well, I think I'm going to be donating some to a local shelter. I think I'm going to try to buy some of the above :) But we'll see. I am currently stalking a pair of shoes at Anthro. Wish me luck! Have a Great Wednesday <3

  4. I agree I really like the Floral Jaquard trench the best. But Modcloth also has some good options too. I did see a cute one at H&M with some feminie ruffling detail that I might check out just because it's easy and inexpensive. Thanks for sharing all of these lovely finds!

  5. These are some cute options. I love the Juicy Couture one (although I feel wrong even saying that) and the aqua colored Tulle one. I was disappointed to see that one is soldout. :(
    Thanks for putting together some inspiring finds!

  6. gabby - which shoes?!

    sweet laundry - ooh, ill have to stop in over there soon! h&m is so hit or miss, sometimes i forget to go in!

    C - i know! i have a juicy couture coat i wore today (green with little apple buttons. i love it!) but i am always a little embarassed to admit it's juicy. hopefully the aqua one will be available again? so glad you liked it! anytime!