Friday, March 4, 2011

outfit of the day: 03.04.2011

hello there.  this past thursday night i did a little post 30x30 shopping...
Sweatshirt dress
$118 -

78 GBP -

AG Stevie Ankle
$158 -

Canvas bag
$24 -

Paul Joe Sister blouse

of course i went to anthropologie and picked up the lovely wispy cirrus blouse. i also happened to try on the ag stevie ankles and loved them. (i went with 28s).  the incorporated dress, i will probably wear this weekend. it will be a nice change of pace from my plaid one i wear every night.  it fits perfectly and is so comfortable. and the coin purse? it was on sale and irresistible.

now onto my most amazing t.j.maxx find ever.
i don't know if you remember or not, but i have been obsessed with the paul and joe deer print since last august when i first saw the blouse in new york. i didn't care if i ended up with the dress, the blouse, or even a bag. i loved the print. but with the expensive price tag, i knew realistically it wouldn't be added to my closet, ever.

fast forward until now! i was at t.j.maxx shopping around (one of the t.j.maxx's around here has this special "runway" section that has nanette lepore, rebecca taylor, theory, see by chloe, stella mccartney, etc. it is absolutely amazing) and it was there, where i spotted it. the paul and joe herman blouse. it was calling out to me. i practically ran over to the rack and snatched it up. there was only one and it was a little big (size 4. i probably needed a 2 or 3?) but i didn't care. i just might have used up all of my shopping karma on this one. i am still so excited!

so of course, i had to wear it today...


i paired it with my target cherokee glitter belt, some old gap skinny jeans, and my frye boots.

tomorrow i am going to my first estate sale with a few friends. we're meeting bright and early at 9 am. have you ever been to one? hopefully it goes well! :)

until next time,


  1. I looove that Paul and Joe blouse so much. Is that a deer print I spy? LOVE!

    May I ask what size you took in the Wispy Cirrus blouse? I have my eye on that one too, and I think we wear similar sizes.

  2. The deer print blouse is such a lovely gift from the universe after your 30x30! I tried on the Wispy Cirrus Blouse recently and loved it. Good luck at the estate sale today!

  3. Wow, that shirt is fabulous. Great find!

  4. Nice find! It looks great on you - especially with the gold belt!

  5. Thanks so much!!

    Overcaffeinated - I went with a medium, same as in my fitting review.

    Fallon - the estate sale was fun! We waited in the cold for a good 30 min or so, but I ended up with a couple finds.

  6. I totally HEART that shirt. It's so awesome. DEER!! I loved the way you styled it too. Awesome find!

  7. molly - thanks so much! the print did me in too! such cute little guys with bows! love, love, love. i am such a sucker for whimsical prints.