Sunday, March 27, 2011

sunday shopping with s

another sunday, another exciting edition of sunday shopping with s! let's just say this weekend was a whirlwind of window shopping (and a couple picks made their way into my cart.) as you know, i am prepping to move and decorate my new space. half the battle is knowing what is out there, then letting my imagination soar with the possibilities.

places i visited:
home depot
urban outfitters
home goods (umm... i think 4 total locations. one had a t.j.maxx too!)
hunt and gather (of course!)
guild design collective
target (again, i think i made it to maybe 3 or 4 locations?)
tuesday morning
and then i browsed ebay and etsy for more.

geesh! tired? me too. i took a nap all afternoon. :)

here is the best of my adventures. first of all, i have been loving this alphabet sampler in vibrant colors. it's enough classic, but a little quirky.

the gilded frame is perfect. no need to re-frame. it's a little spendy though, so i am hoping it can stick around for a few more weeks. it is so hard to play the waiting game with a vintage, one-of-a-kind piece!

at ikea, i found some cute curtains. they were "last chance." and after having the blue/grey tromnes daybed sell out (so dissapointing!!) i picked them up. i like the white/grey pattern, but it is a little more modern for me than traditional ivory curtains. still deciding...

then, i saw some cute pots at home goods. these would be cute for the new patio, but almost a little too cottagey for me:

but, they definitely reminded me of cath kidston - no?

more vintage treasures between hunt and gather and guild collective:


anyone else think mary and the rooster side-by-side is funny pairing? i took the next photo as i am on the hunt for some sort of cabinet. it's one of those, "i'll know it when i see it." kinda pieces, but i don't want it to be taller than 65" and i want it to have glass doors.

last but not least, i ended up getting a chandelier! i loved the whoopsie daisy chandelier from land of nod, but something kept me from pulling the trigger. and when i saw this one on ebay:

i knew it was perfect. i like that it has 6 lights instead of 4. that is a better size for the dining room. i also like the variety of flowers, instead of just daisies. it needs a little tlc on the candlesticks and some new wiring, but nothing my local lamp shop can't fix. i took my tole lamps (also scored on ebay) to the lamp shop and they were able to re-wire and change the cord to a clear color in less than an hour.  i know this is probably an easy do-it-yourself project, but lamp wiring isn't something i want to take on anytime soon :) can't wait for it to arrive!

p.s. i made a little storyboard on polyvore to pull it all together for the living room and dining room. knowing most of my other furniture is a shade of white... i think it just might all work together.
Conure Rug, Round
$78 -

Milo Sofa, Mist Twill -
$2,300 -

$50 -

Cleo Chair, Polly
$998 -

Utensil-Go-'Round Spinner
$28 -

until next time,


  1. About the sampler: check out the local flea market or antique-consignment stores. I am always finding needlepoint projects there. I think they end up there when someone do a housecleaning and can't quite give away those things to Goodwill which they worked so hard on. I actually have about 20 projects I did as a teenager and have packed away since I can't part with them!

  2. melissa - thanks so much for the tip! this one snagged my heartstrings because of the really vibrant colors and large size (it is a vintage piece), but i'll definitely keep my eyes peeled at the places i frequent to see if there is anything similar. i would love to save the $$!

  3. Wow, what a busy day! I love your new chandelier! It is really beautiful.

  4. Lol....Sorry to start with this comment but, The virgin and a rooster? Hmm? Odd. But I love the rooster! He looks so serious ready to peck someone to death! I really love your curtains the gray's are lovely. And the chandelier is awesome. I think I told you before I had one when I was younger and loved looking up at it in my bedroom. Looks like everything is coming together. Congrats!

  5. ps - I just gave you the Versatile Blogger Award! Check out my latest post for the details. I really enjoy your blog - I love how you include all of the links/prices/info about each item under your posts, and I love your outfits and decorating ideas:)

  6. Do you still have the Alvine Kottar curtains? I'd love to buy them from you, I need another set!