Sunday, March 6, 2011

anthropologie nelumbo kitten heels fitting review

nelumbo kitten heels by miss albright from anthropologie.

adorable. wouldn't you agree?

my thoughts:
- actual "nude" shoe for me. on most others, the shoes will be a pale, pale, blush pink.
- went half size down from my typical size with these pretties. (i am wearing a 6. for reference compared to other miss albright branded shoes, i took a 7 in the rensselaer t-straps, a 7 in the budding t-straps, 7 again in the sawtooth myrtle t-straps, and a 6.5 in the ribbon moss t-straps (they looked a bit funny on my feet, so i did not keep).
- they ran a bit wider than usual shoes, a plus for me. if you have a narrow foot, they might be too wide?
- i cannot wait to wear these with everything, from dresses, to skinny jeans, to shorts. you name it.

until next time,


  1. Thanks for reviewing these and comparing the sizes to other shoes! I love the color and the floral appliques, but I'm torn because I hate kitten heels. Do they feel very sturdy?

  2. lc - they are not very sturdy. i pride myself on being able to walk in all sorts of shoes, but the kitten heel on these is a bit skinny for how high it is, making them more tippy than most. does that make sense? it could also be that i am used to wearing chunky heels/boots all winter long and i haven't built up my heel stamina. :) either way, they are not as sturdy as other kitten heels i own.

  3. Thanks for this review! I am seriously considering these shoes.

  4. anytime! i really like them and feel like they will be perfect for spring and summer. i do think they run large though, so size down half to one full size.