Sunday, March 6, 2011

incorporated dress weekend

hello there. as promised, it was a weekend full of the incorporated dress by deletta from anthropologie. on saturday, i tried out some different ways to wear...

the dress alone ---  with scarf --- switching up scarf tying
and finally...

how i actually wore it: with navy chalk-stripe blazer from banana republic and boot switch-up to the fryes. i thought i better have on flats for the estate sale.

speaking of the estate sale, it was fun! though we arrived early, they only let a few people in at a time. so we ended up waiting out in the cold (you know, 20 degrees) for about 30 minutes. brrr! i could barely feel my toes by the time we went into the house! i was clearly not thinking when i got dressed and did not bring a true outerwear jacket. only had on the incorporated dress, scarf, and blazer. silly me. luckily, i had my venti chai to keep me warm. :) each sale will be different. at this one, there were tons of records, some older china, and not much furniture. i ended up getting a little trinket dish for $1 and an old feather-filled pillow to throw on the-daybed-i-don't-have-yet-but-desperately-want for $3. all in all, it was an experience. i definitely would like to go to more of them (i love finding treasures!), but maybe when it gets bit warmer outside...

today, i wore the incorporated dress again. this time, i changed up the scarf, belt, boots. also had more neutral tights on.

scarf is from free people, boots and tights are from anthropologie, belt is by merona from target (shopping in the adult section now - i think i went with an xs or s).


and just to prove how versatile the dress is, here i am now lounging about in dottie flats and splendid slouchy leggings. i love how effortless this dress is.


i just might have a hard time not wearing it to work on monday.

until next time,


  1. Wow, so many ways to wear that dress! You did a great job styling it. I especially like it with the boots and blazer. I am definitely going to have to give it a try!

  2. It looks great with a bright coloured scarf. It's the perfect dress for the weekend!

  3. loraine - thank you! i was not initially attracted to this dress at all, both the shape and color i thought wouldn't work. once i had it on, it was so comfortable and relatively flattering. i knew i would wear it just as much as my red plaid j.crew one.

    lisa - love it. so comfortable. i want to put it on all the time. it should be machine washable too! hopefully it works out as it has stretched a bit and i want to shrink it back up.

  4. love this dress! looks great on you. does it fit tts?

  5. hi lizzy - it does run pretty true to size. i am wearing a medium, which is my usual size for chemises in their lounge section, it does stretch with multiple wears, however. i didn't try on the small for comparison, but i liked a looser fit. hope that helps!