Sunday, March 13, 2011

inspiration: windsor smith living room

i am guilty of reading (well, flipping through) as many magazines as possible during the check-out time at the grocery. i try not to buy any extra magazines (i have subscriptions to lucky and country living). so flipping through is my treat (and makes the "wait" in line fly by!) last week, however, i couldn't just flip through house beautiful. i mean, the issue was all about the power of pink! :) but it was the room featured on the cover, care of windsor smith, that really caught my eye.
copyright Windsor Smith Architecture and Designs via House Beautiful

love the pink walls. love the vibrant feminine sofa and chairs, love the art on the walls, and love the morrocan inspired coffee table. looks like i just found my living room inspiration.

and maybe a little outfit inspiration too?

until next time,


  1. I love that you used this image for outfit inspiration. There are so many things in this room that remind me of you and the way you dress your home and yourself.

  2. thank you so much fallon. :) i totally agree. something about this room is just me. i was surprised just how many items i had that could represent the colors together.