Tuesday, March 29, 2011

outfit of the day: 03.29.2011

hello there! today i brought back out one of my favorite dresses, the hailstone shirtdress from lil. yay!

i added an adorable pale blue bow belt i picked up at anthropologie last night. it comes in tan and blue (update: it is called the rippled ribbon belt) for $38. i am wearing a medium. (its on the smallest hole, so i probably could have gone to the small...)


i love light and medium blue paired with red. almost as much as blue with coral orange.

here is the polyvore breakdown:
Anthropologie dress
$80 - anthropologie.com

J Crew ribbed tight
$27 - jcrew.com

Anthropologie shoes
$200 - anthropologie.com

Michael Kors tortoise jewelry
$180 - neimanmarcus.com

$38 - anthropologie.com

off to forever21 (i'll let you know if there are any good finds) and then movie night to see the adjustment bureau. hope its good!

p.s. i have been busy making a variety of floorplan mock-ups for the new apartment (i am a huge nerd when it comes to interior decorating and i love to plan everything out!) here are two of the many i have created.  i am trying to decide between dining room table in the second bedroom or dining room table in the dining room... hmmm.

what do you think? i am sure once i am in there moving everything around it will all change again! :)
p.p.s speaking of interior design, i get to help my lovely friend B furnish her new home. yay! so excited to go treasure hunting with you!

until next time,


  1. LOVE your shoes! The are perfect with this dress.

  2. Awe, you look adorable. I love the belt!

  3. Ooh...you have such a collection of beauties, don't you. Love this dress, and the pale blue is a nice contrast!

    I hear you on the floor plans- I love that kind of planning (although my energy doesn't always live up to the project...from what I've seen you don't have that problem!!)

  4. So pretty! I keep going back to your shoes... they are gorgeous!

  5. I love that dress. I've been constantly stalking ebay for it since I missed out on it when it was in stores. Love the new belt too.

  6. Ok, that does it. I really need to get myself a polka dot dress. Preferrably one that has ruffles like this :)

  7. kristin - thanks! i never thought i would wear them as much as i have! red shoes are surprisingly versatile!

    carly - thank you! :)

    thatdamngreendress - thanks! this dress has been a closet workhorse of mine for sure... tomorrow i pick up my apartment keys, so the fun truly begins then!!

    overcaffeinated - thank you! they are chie miharas, so SO comfortable too!

    andriea - welcome to the delightful find! thanks! i would highly recommend the belt, as now i have worn both of them!!

    lisa - ypu definitely need a polka dot dress. especially with your recent striped series :)