Thursday, March 31, 2011

bippity boppity bar stools

hello lovelies! very exciting day! (i'll get to the title of the post in a moment.) i picked up the keys for my new apartment and moved a couple boxes in! yay!  here are a few apartment photo sneak peaks of the kitchen and the hallway:

i also stopped over to home depot to pick up my very own wooden dolly on wheels. i learned my new apartment building only has grocery carts (like the awkward metal ones that are 12" deep) to move your items into the building. and as i am trying to save on moving expenses by moving the majority of items by myself, this mewly acquired $15 dolly that can hold up to 1000 lbs will be perfect to help roll my items right into my new apartment. i have a feeling the home depot and i will become close friends over the next two months.

okay, so now back to the title of the post... i am on the hunt for a pair of bar stools and i am finding this to be one of the hardest finds to actually find! first of all, i do not want to spend tons of money. all of them tend to be a bit pricey. secondly, i want it to have a chippy look and have some sort of back support. i also do not want a straw seat. so based on my criteria, i have narrowed the choices to be between two different, yet similar, styles:

first, the trattoria bar stool from ballard designs. i like the classic wood stool. it is very traditional, yet the chippy paint would help it blend in with my items.

or do i want to go with a more industrial metal stool, spray painted in a color like this vintage farmhouse stool available from etsy seller everyeskimo:

i spotted one at hunt and gather last weekend and like the idea of maybe spray painting it pink. :) luckily, its almost the weekend so i can hit up the local antique shops to see if the perfect one is waiting for me.

and speaking of spray painting, what color would you paint this number (meldal from ikea)?

grey blue       or       pale blue       or      pale pink

or something else?

until next time,


  1. The trattoria bar stools are fab, If you're going to paint the daybed, go for the more versatile grey blue, and have fun with mixing up colors with the bedding!

  2. Grey blue all the way! I think its a color that will work well with other colors and more likely to grow with you than a pale blue or pink.

  3. I think you should get the Trattoria stools too and paint the Ikea daybed grey blue :)

  4. I am going to jump on the bandwagon and say the gray color. I like the vintage farmhouse stools also. It'll be exciting to see what you do.

  5. Grey color for the daybed. What about the Boreal Barstool, from Anthropologie. It's on sale for $99. I was eyeing them, but don't have a counter in my new place.

  6. Yea for your new apartment! Looks so beautiful. You're going to make it amazing, I know. I say gray for the daybed as well. Much more versatile for changing it up. I love the Trattoria stools. It seems more your style. can't wait to see what you found antiquing this weekend!

  7. thanks for all the votes! i think the grey blue will be totally versatile and most practical too. any advice on spray painting ikea furniture? it will be my next crafty adventure! hehe. i also like the trattoria... i just wish they weren't so spendy! me and my champagne taste!

    audrey - ooh. i like those. if they were cream with a creamy fur seat, i would have been sold! :) good eye!

    molly - thank you for your kind thoughts! it was a bit of a bust on the antiquing front this weekend, BUT next weekend the occasional shops are open plus there is a special home show at a store on thursday night - so i am hoping for the best!! :)