Thursday, March 10, 2011

anthropologie quiet blush dress fitting review

good morning! i wanted to share my fitting review of the quiet blush dress from anthropologie. in the store, this dress had a mouliette soeurs tag, not plastic island, as it lists on the website. i read reviews that stated it could run big, so i took a size small to the fitting room.

the small fit well! i think my narrower shoulders and larger bust helped to make the top fit better than many of the reviews out there. the waist was definitely small, though. so i can understand why this dress might have some fit issues. luckily, i could close it with the snap - but it was a bit tight.

i didn't mind the pale color on my fair skin, but i do think a different belt would be better. overall, i wouldn't purchase at full price, but maybe consider on sale or second cut.

until next time,


  1. Oh my gosh, this looks a million times better on you than it did on me! the top fits you so well. Sadly, I was just sized out completely.
    I think it's really pretty on you!

  2. I just spotted this at my store but didn't have time to try it on. I agree with you that the color is a bit tricky so would consider at sale or second-cut. It does look lovely on you though!!

  3. kim - thank you so much! i agree that the sizing of this is a bit off. too bad, because i definitely think it has your name written all over it!

    dea - thank you! good luck with sizing, i have a feeling if i could fit a small, the xs might be too big on you!