Thursday, February 10, 2011

30x30 challenge: 10 days done!

10 days of the challenge completed, only 20 to go!

i still have a few pieces i haven't worked with yet (take action dress, surging springs skirt, acting out skirt, and the heathered papaya boyfriend cardi), so i am excited to keep going with new options and re-work some of my other pieces.

until next time,


  1. Wow - great work, girl! I LOVE your outfit with the Lost Time skirt and Vanilla Bean blouse. Perfect pairing! I am so jealous you have the Raining Pouring blouse!

  2. You're doing great! My favorites are #3 and 7.

  3. I Love them all....It's going to be fun checking in on you to see what else you come with. So far they are all very pretty and also look quite comfy too! Love them all though.

  4. Great outfits, I love the way you remix :) Im doing 30 for 30 too, and LOVE it so far :)


  5. carly - thanks so much! i loved that blouse from the moment i saw it. it reminds me of vintage anthropologie. i am so jealous of you bloggers without the 30x30 challenge! you can wear anything and it makes me mad!! hehe :) so thank you for the encouragement!!

    darby - aww thanks lady! miss you in the snow!

    lc - thanks for the kind words! i think my favs might be #1 and #7? hmmm. tough decision!

    gabby - i hope i can keep up the inspiration. luckily i have some great outfits being created by everyone on my polyvore! my hardest challenge so far is for fridays and the weekend. i just wish i could wear whatever! but i am definitely learning more about myself, my habits, and what i am drawn to when picking out outfits!

    kate - thanks so much! it's fun, but a challenge too! i'll definitely have to keep checking our progess! :)