Thursday, February 3, 2011

outfit of the day: 02.03.2011

hello! outfit #3, done. i think this skirt will definitely get a lot of use during the 30x30.

so far i haven't repeated any pieces yet. :)

i am wearing a 6 in the double serge pencil skirt. it is definitely a little fitted, but i think an 8 would have been too large in the waist. also! fun fact - did you know if you call j.crew and ask for measurements, they can tell them to you for each item? it was revolutionary. they told me the measurements of this skirt, then another and i could tell based on how this one fit that the 6 in that one would have been too small. crazy!

here is the polyvore breakdown:

until next time,


  1. Those chies, they make my heart of pitter patter.

  2. right? best shoes ever. i died when i got them on sale (my first pair and i thought i would just try them on to see and return them. hah!) i now love chies, and they are so comfortable too! it makes me realize, i would rather have one pair of adorable, comfortable shoes that go with anything than 10 pairs of okay, sort of hurt shoes that go with one outfit each.