Friday, February 25, 2011

outfit of the day: 02.25.2011

hello there! day 25! i am 83.333% of the way done with the 30x30! wahoo!

i finally picked up my dry cleaning today and some of my old favorites are tempting me from behind the bag... only 5 more days twinkle twinkle, violets gloaming, and h&m heart blouse! i promise i'll be with you soon!

i am continuing to try to wear some of my lesser worn 30x30 pieces, like the best in show blouse.

i layered a lace camisole underneath the tank. it's an older anthropologie piece (from maybe 2008?)

and of course, i had to share another outerwear shot. i love this periwinkle color so much!

here is the polyvore breakdown:

Red Herring cream jacket
8 GBP -

AG Adriano Goldschmied flare jean
$185 -

Distressed leather boot
$120 -

like i said earlier. today marks day 25 of the 30x30 challenge. so it was about time i did a little reflection on the challenge and share some of my insights. below is a quick recap of all my outfits. i think my favorites so far are #1, #7, #12 and #15.  what do you think?

whew! so what have i learned from the challenge so far?
  • i like dresses. (no kidding?) but i would rather spend more on a dress and wear it all the time than less on a separate (such as a top or skirt) that i hardly wear.  i just gravitate towards dresses when i wake up in the morning and when i want to throw something on for errands. for me, it's important i remember that before purchasing any more skirts or blouses!
  • not all dresses are created equal. i already know i need sleeves on my dresses, but i also need to be careful of dresses with drawstring waists or other ruffles that make it hard to layer under jackets, sweaters, or even belts. my andalusian horse dress is a good example. it is hard to layer with because of all the ruffles, self drawstring waist, etc. (this could also be said about the laced with grace dress. i love this one and it isn't a part of my 30x30, but the larger sleeves make it hard to put under a cardigan.)
  • when you have a wardrobe full of pieces you love, they somehow just work together quite easily. it seems i have endless combinations with these random pieces. this is important to remember before buying new pieces. i have some pieces i don't even get a chance to wear as often now!
  • getting dressed is a form of expression for me as much as decorating my home. though limiting myself with 30 options was fun (and a challenge), i am definitely looking forward to my whole closet again. :) as silly as it sounds, it will be like getting a piece of me back.

that's all for now... tomorrow a trip to anthropologie to hopefully narrow down my wishlist!  :)

until next time,


  1. You picked some really great pieces that can be worn numerous ways. Very nice! My favorite is the lace skirt (in 9, 14, and 23).

  2. Hi S, I too love your lace skirt. I wish I had the Andalucian dress. I don't know if I spelled it right. But all of these outfits really are nice. I have the twinkle dress but haven't worn it once! No once. I haven't been able to find the right time for it. Pretty cool!

  3. Oh goodness, it's really hard to pick favourites, but I'll do it just for fun: 7,10,18,22 and 23. You really do have a great wardrobe :)

  4. kristin - thanks! i wish the lace skirt was still available on the asos website. i feel like it flew way under our anthro-loving radar.

    gabby - thanks! i think your closet needs more wearing missy! :) it sounds like you have some fabulous pieces that need a debut!

    lisa - ooh. nice picks! thanks... my closet is getting a bit unruly :) hopefully my move will help clean it out!