Sunday, February 6, 2011

a couple of ikea finds

hello. as i mentioned in my prior post, i spent a good 3 hours at ikea today. but it was well worth it. i found some pieces i think will really work for my new space in may. no purchases yet, but i narrowed my scope. (oh yeah, i visited a two bedroom in the same complex on thursday and really liked it. now i just have to wait until the end of february to find out if there will be an actual apartment available when i want to move it. i am nervous to say the least and also not very good at waiting. send some good thoughts into the universe for me!)

first up, beyond milo the sofa, i am thinking it might be nice to have a spot to crash into in the living room. i thought maybe a daybed would work for the space, keeping in casual and comfortable - but would also work as a bed for visiting friends. i liked these two from pottery barn, but wasn't really liking either of the prices (because of course, i would still need to purchase a mattress, etc.)
pb savannah daybed, available in distressed white or antique pewter

pb avery daybed

luckily, ikea had a version that i liked (and the price was only $149!) below is the tromsnes day bed which comes in a pretty grey blue color.

here is a better color shot of the frame. it is definitely more grey than aqua:

as for styling, don't worry. it would not look like a bed. i really like that first styling photo from pottery barn. i would add a daybed cover for the mattress (like this one from west elm or this one from pottery barn) or get a low tufted mattress like this one  from pottery barn:
pb upholstered daybed mattress

i have some vintage feather pillows on a bench in my room and i think they would work perfectly to pile onto a daybed. it would also bring more color and pattern into the living room.

both pottery barn pictures i like had bolster pillows flanking the daybed. i'll have to remember that when the time comes. i think those are the key in making it look more sofa, less bed.

the second find from ikea is this edland linen cabinet:

again, the color isn't quite right in the product shot. it was much more of a washed grey. i tried to capture it, but it still looks more black. i thought this would be perfect for in the dining area space to hold my fancy party dishes and cake plates :) right now, i have space above the kitchen cabinets where they are displayed. in the new place, there isn't any space above the cabinets. i still think they are pretty and want to display, so this cabinet would work perfectly. oh, and the best part?

it already has a darling little wallpaper in the back! this picture has the color of the piece more accurately represented too.

isn't it so fun to think of all the possibilities with a new space?

until next time,


  1. You found good pieces today! The inspiration for your daybed looks great and the ikea price is awesome.

  2. thanks! hopefully it is still around in about a month... it made me nervous because of the "last chance" tag...

  3. The blue ikea daybed is no longer for sale in Ikea.. and you will find it difficult to find one for sale.

    I am selling mine that was used for 4 weeks.

  4. Hi Tanya! Thanks so much for the offer, but I was actually able to find one in the blue color back in the spring when I originally wrote the post.