Saturday, February 5, 2011

anthropologie wish list: early february

hello! as you know, 5 days of the 30x30 have been completed:

but there are some items on my wishlist that i am still thinking about (of course) and i wanted to share. here's to hoping they are around and on sale in march!

Fluttering Obi Dress
$198 -
Dresses »

Artist's Study Tee
$68 -
Striped tees »

Ribbon Moss T-Straps
$178 -
High heel sandals »

Ornate - Earrings -
$32 -
Earrings »

Bursting Peony Satchel -
$148 -

any items caught your eyes for spring?
until next time,


  1. Oh thank you, I was just wishing I had olive pumps today and I love these. I also want that rooster clutch and it sold out online already! I hope my store still has some. I also want that J. Crew Skirt thanks to Jenni's post. Great picks!

  2. Yes, you HAVE to get the Fluttering Obi Dress because I realistically won't buy it even though I'm majorly in love. So, if you buy it then I can live vicariously through you :)

  3. yes, the heels and that dress are probably at the top of my wishlist... they are perfect for spring (and i think they would look cute together?) i am nervous though that they will be marked down this week or the week after and i won't be able to locate them by the time march rolls in. ack.