Tuesday, February 1, 2011

where i keep my treasures

hi there. one of the things i hope i get out of the 30x30 challenge is to become better at using all my accessories.

i love accessories. i love what they can do to not only enhance, but also change the look of an outfit. so, me and my jewels are going to get a lot closer over the next 30 days... it's a good thing i keep them in plain sight:

i have a lot of long necklaces and for me, the best way to keep them from being tangled is by hanging them up. unfortunately, i have never seen one of those cute little table jewelry displays that is big enough for my collection. so i decided to use these lovely vintage hooks to store and display (they double as wall art!) i purchased the hooks from some local antique shops, but i think you could easily recreate them with pieces of molding and hooks or old door knobs. great up-cycle project, no?

for my smaller pieces, i use my bedside table drawers and vintage muffin tins!

i fit 2 trays per drawer (but it depends on the drawer size and muffin tin size). i always see these at antique shops for reasonable prices. i love the mix of tarnished trays with sparkly jewelry (you know, the shabby with the chic?)

another perk of storing them this way is i can easily take the trays out of the drawers if i want to reorganize or move them somewhere else. the circle openings are also large enough for chunky pieces, which never seem to fit in other traditional jewelry boxes.

hope this gives you a bit of inspiration!

until next time,


  1. I love your necklace display! I have all of my jewels just tossed in a giant make-up case and have been meaning to create a hanging system. I'll have to start looking for some interesting hooks.

  2. Oh I love this! I have been trying to find a better way to store my jewelry, as everything is tangling in the big bins I have them in. I'm going to try using Anthropologie's egg dish and some hooks like you have above.

  3. What a great idea!! I love the muffin tins so much I'm gonna go out and get some for my own jewelry! I just came across your blog, BTW, you are too adorable!

  4. fallon - thanks! i think it would be so cool to get all sorts of different hooks to display. it also helps me see what i have.

    lc - oh that egg dish will be perfect! what a good idea!

    carly - aww thanks so much! welcome! im glad you found me :)