Tuesday, February 15, 2011

outfit of the day: 02.15.2011

oh goodness! i am so glad to be back. i know it didn't seem like i was away... but i was! i have a brand new internet connection and it took all of a few minutes to work! yay! i purchased the cisco valet and it was literally a 5 minute process from start to finish, highly recommend. definitely worth the additional $30ish from the other cisco kind. anywho!

onto the outfit of the day. 15 days have already been completed in the 30x30 challenge. can you believe it? i am already halfway there! to celebrate, i debuted the take action dress (in a professional manner, of course.)

the grey tights helped to coordinate with the grey blazer, and the yellow of the boots helped match the yellow dots and the bits of yellow in the flowers.


i changed up the corsage on my boutonniere blazer again. this time, it was a cluster of vintage velvet violets.
here are some better closeups...

i love vintage millinery. so luscious and delightful. it's one of my most favorite little things to look out for when i am out and about in antique shops.

here is the polyvore breakdown:
Martingale Boots
$120 - anthropologie.com
Ankle boots »

Take Action Dress - Anthropologie.com
$168 - anthropologie.eu

vintage corsage, similar style

oh and just to recap the past 15 outfits...

(still haven't worn the surging springs skirt, acting out skirt, eyelet platforms or the boyfriend cardi in the red/orange. )

until next time,


  1. Cuuute! Great outfit! I want that dress so badly. The yellow polka dots look very muted in the close up photo you posted - is that the case IRL as well?

  2. i looove your blog! we have the same taste. check my blog @ www.oneshoedaily.com

  3. Love the polka dots!

  4. carly - thanks so much! the dress is wonderful. so comfortable and perfect for work or fun. i do think the polka dots are more muted than bright, which makes the dress work with lots of different color combos!

    audrey - thanks so much!

    katie - i must have a thing for polka dots. i recently went through all my pajama bottoms... they were all different shapes and patterns of POLKA DOTS! i have a problem. :)