Saturday, February 12, 2011

outfit of the day: 02.12.2011

hello. happy saturday. happy weekend. day 12 is done! i ended up wearing my rebecca taylor dress again today. just goes to show me that i love dresses, especially ones that have sleeves. i think this means my #1 wishlist item is the fluttering obi, corey lynn calter dress from anthropologie. i am pretty sure i would wear it just as much.


i added in a skinny belt with the dress this time around. i liked that the feathers complimented colors in the dress.

i went more minimal on my accessories... because i had a special headband in:

because of my hair (think free people catalog/headband kinda hair) i did a little more 70s vibe with the outfit and added in my fur vest for outerwear. (it was 30 degrees! yeeah!)

and of course, i tried some sock layering in my boots... (socks are j.crew circa 2009.)

and of course, what would be an outfit of the day without my polyvore breakdown?

until next time,


  1. I love the socks coming out from the boots!
    Stunning detail!


  2. i just discovered your blog and really like it.
    i saw in one of your OOTD that you own the venus flytrap neclace.could you show a closeup of your hand with the bracelet on?
    i have a very small wrist,do you think it would fit?how do you like it?is it worth full price?

  3. meg - aww thank you! it's the first time i did it and i like how it turned out. it might be my new boot thing to do :)

    ina - hello! thank you! i would love to show a closeup, but i have a few of last years bracelets from j.crew. since i couldn't find the photos, i used that picture to help others find similar ones now. but for reference, i have a medium size wrist. i find that the j.crew bracelets (and i am not sure on the venus flytrap specifically) last. i wear them with chunky watches and never have problems. i didn't purchase either at full price, but based on how often i have worn them, i definitely could have! hope that helps and please let me know if you have any more questions!