Wednesday, February 23, 2011

outfit of the day: 02.23.2011

hello there! today i felt like i had my 30x30 mojo back. it's my home stretch and i want to end strong.

i love this belt with the skirt and top. i forgot how amazing it was until i was playing around with polyvore to create some tuileries dress styling options and used it. love it.


here is the polyvore breakdown:
J Crew red top
$70 -


Falke merino wool tight
$65 -

River Island lace skirt
25 GBP -

MICHAEL Michael Kors resin jewelry
$250 -


oh, and because i like to make lists and want to make sure i can come up with some creative final outfits without over-using some items...

i made a tally!

i know, i know. huge 30x30 nerd. but at least i know i should maybe wear the surging springs skirt or my sparkle bead top a few more times. :)

until next time,


  1. This is totally awesome!This is something I would love to wear. I really wanted that belt too :( Didn't get it. That is that skirt you bought too. Love ALL of these. Score!!

  2. I always love it when you wear this plaid top, it's so flattering. And it goes great with the lace skirt. This belt it so cute! I'm a huge spreadsheet nerd too so I appreciate your 30x30 tally. You make the 30x30 challenge look so easy!

  3. The pairing of the plaid shirt and lace skirt is genius! I have similar pieces in my closet, so I might need to borrow this look. :)

    I love the list you made... a great snapshot to discover what your most versatile pieces are.

  4. There you go again, taunting me with that skirt!! What to do? River Island won't ship to US and ASOS is sold out. This outfit is simply darling. Loving the blue shoes...

  5. loraine - thanks!! i love a good hourglass shape :)

    gabby - i bet they will have a similar belt this year (anthro always repeats the popular pieces). hopefully they have one in more fun colors.

    sweetlaundry - thanks! some j.crew button-front tops don't fit me at all and other ones just work. based on the talley, i wore this one the most of all clothing pieces (excluding shoes). getting dressed has been easier than anticipated. not shopping with all these fabulous spring arrivals has been the challenge. :)

    overcaffinated - thanks! feel free to borrow or steal!! :) i think the list thing might be something i carry into my "real" life closet. its a helpful analysis for sure.

    molly - ack! i didn't know river island is not shipping. i hate that!! (there are some shoes on the anthro eu website that are taunting me. do they ship to the US?) sad, sad, maybe asos will have a pop back up?