Monday, February 7, 2011

oh the dilemma.

i have some discouraging news.

as i shared yesterday, today is the day my backordered double serge pencil skirt from j.crew arrived. i have been waiting for this for over a month and included it in my 30x30 because i knew it would be perfect to mix and match. i loved that mustard yellow color.

i even picked tops because i knew they work well with a mustard color. i know it was a risk to include it prior to seeing it, but i figured it wouldn't be that off from the photo.

boy was i wrong. i excitedly opened that familiar brown j.crew envelope and found this color:

hmph. this is not what i expected, to say the least. though i think the color would be great for someone (kind of a burnt yellow green brown?). it is not appealing to me. at all. and it doesn't really go with anything i was planning to pair. so sad. i couldn't drive fast enough to j.crew to return it.

but that brings me to my dilemma...

what item do i replace it with? uggggh. i did not want to have to replace any items. i loved all the outfits that utilized this piece!  clearly, i can't purchase a skirt for the challenge (or anything else for that matter), but i will look through my closet for a replacement piece and update my mini-editor with the new piece. since i haven't even worn all my 30x30 options, i feel like it's okay. right? i have no other choice, unless i did the 30x29, which doesn't quite have the same ring to it.

oh and while i was at j.crew i looked around for the citron skirt that was on my wishlist. i hate to say this... but it was another dissapointment in color. it was not a light, bright, lemony yellow green. it was neon chartreuse. at least now i can cross it off my wishlist. :)

until next time,


  1. That's so frustrating! I've had that exact same experience with Jcrew items. I swear, their colors are totally off. I bought a cardigan once thinking it was going to be a burnt/dark orange color and it came and was neon yellow almost. I was like what!?!?

  2. Hi >:/ Your right. That happened to me too. What's with the color? I too thought it would be a sunny Yellow But it's more like a Dijon Mustard. And I waited what seemed a lifetime for it. This is definitely disappointing. I believe it's their lighting. They need to work on the lighting when they do their pictures. Unless the second batch they made us wait for is a different color. Sorry about that. Hope you find the perfect skirt. And yes, It's okay. It's not like it's your fault.

  3. becca - so dissapointing right? their catalog shots are always so tempting, but the colors never seem to be quite the same in person! it makes me so leary of their final sale stuff too!

    gabby - i know! such a bummer about our skirts... i wish the purple one was available in my size as that one seems to be close to the pictured color. was that the only color you had been waiting on? no worries. i had a skirt arrive in the mail today that will be perfect. (ordered in january, with international shipping it's like a mini 30x30 present!)

  4. Hi, No I ordered the Gray one and the Horizon Line Pencil Skirt. They sent them last week and again, Still nothing. Ugh! J. Crew If I didn't love them so much It stop buying their stuff but can't....Lol. Hope the other two are true colors. I got the gray because it's a versatile color. I'm already planning like mad with my Polyvore. I been seeing your new posts Love the lace skirt!! Jealous ! :)