Sunday, February 13, 2011

come along for sunday shopping

as i mentioned, today was fantastic out. i headed all over town and wanted to share some snapshots of inspiration with you. first up is anthropologie...

i fell in love with this beautiful beribboned installation. it was so enchanting.

then, i snapped a couple of inspiration outfits too:



after anthropologie, i scooted off to hunt and gather...


love, love, love this mirrored door. it is the perfect thing to put against a wall for a fun focal statement.


these metal stools reminded me of the lust worthy one from restoration hardware.

you know i love anything that has peely paint. these pieces were no exception. i saved the best for last. check out this little lavender guy:

he's so cute! :) it was love at first sight and i can't quite get him out of my mind. but i had places to go and pretty things to see, so i was off again and did some window shopping. 
ann taylor was first.

well, hello pretty little lace skirt. it's the antique lace tiered skirt. so scrumptious! this must be the new katie holmes influence, no? i didn't stop in or i think i would have been too tempted, but i can't wait to try on soon.

next was j.crew where i saw this adorable blazer #37852. you know, i have a thing for blazers anyway, and this one is in my favorite schoolboy fit.

the sleeves rolled up to a lovely green and white stripe. the online photo does not do it justice. they didn't have my size, otherwise i would have tried on for sure!

my last stop of the day was pottery barn. i wanted to scope out some home decor inspiration and i found just that. the window was the first thing that drew me in...

i love the classic wingback shape with the frenchie feedsack stripe. perfection. if i didn't already own a pair of wingbacks, i would be all over this gramercy wingback chair!

then, i had to snap a picture of this photo wall arrangement. i am always looking for more pictures of walls of pictures. i really like that it is 3D with the clocks.

i have been seeing sheepskin all over. ikea even had a couple of rugs. i liked how this one was thrown over the chair to look quite inviting.

this last piece is the townsend coffee table. i really like that it has a space to display little pretties, without them being out and looking cluttered.

well, that's it!
hope you enjoyed my little trip and that you had a wonderfully restful weekend.

until next time,

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