Thursday, February 24, 2011

outfit of the day: 02.24.2011

hi there! can you believe it? only 6 days left of the 30x30! as i mentioned yesterday, this final week will be spent trying to wear some of the pieces i haven't worn as much (shocking that even with only 30 pieces i can wear some 1x...) today it was the surging springs skirt and the off broadway top.


i liked these pieces together and would definitely wear them again. the top was not "too much" during the day either.


as the off broadway top is still available online, i am wearing the medium. i tried on the small too. it fit, but because of the beadwork, i wanted it to fit a little bit looser. added bonus, with it being bigger, i can fit other shirts underneath too!
here is the polyvore breakdown:
Silk top
$50 -

J Crew blazer
$120 -

Draped skirt
$50 -

High heel boot
$120 -

Dot tight

until next time,


  1. This one is a winner for sure! I like that you added more texture and color with the tights and that you were able to turn that top into daywear.