Saturday, February 19, 2011

which rug do i choose?

hello! i am back with my trusty old computer working swimmingly!

i was able to back up my precious pictures and "restore to factory settings." whew! it took about 2 nights to recover and i am still not 100% back to my old computer, but consider myself lucky not to have had to purchase a new computer. especially when i am trying to save up for a rug! of course, i took to polyvore to see some different options and wanted to share with you:

option #1

option #2 (is this too vibrant and bright for my shabby style?)

option #3 (pretty sure this one is the winner!!)

option #4 (a little girly and fun)

option #5 (i love this rug, but maybe not quite right for the space)

option #6 (a close second. i might get this for my own bedroom...)

option #7 (both 7 and 8 are good options, but i am thinking i want a little more color)

option #8

which one is your favorite? i have some other pieces that i could switch in and out of the room. the milo sofa and secret cabinet are ones that probably will stay in the living area.

until next time,


  1. My favorites are 2, 7 and 8.

    I think you should pick 2 if you want funky and fun, 7 if you want uber feminine, soft and romantic or 8 for a sophisticated look with a masculine balance.

    If it were my space, I'd probably go with 8, but then I like to add a few masculine details in all my rooms (gotta make Hubby feel comfortable too I suppose!).

  2. hehe. yes... no husband now, so i dont have to think masculine. i have a pink kitchenaid afterall :) it can be "first mover advantage." you know like.. "well, i already have this great rug, so... i guess we don't need a new one ."

    i like #2 as well, but i might get it for the "craft room." i think i am liking #3 more and more and #6 is a close contender too.