Wednesday, February 9, 2011

outfit of the day: 02.09.2011

hello again. it was new skirt day! still going strong for no repeat outfits at the office.


my roommate is in the process of moving out and off to a new city. our apartment is a bit chaotic right now. my mirror keeps moving and now you can see a bit of the craziness behind me.


here is the polyvore breakdown. my tights were navy, but they look awfully black in these photos. i also realized i took the photos prior to putting my jewels on. whoops! they definitely added to the ensemble.

#1 - i am feeling in a bit of a rut. i think its due to the negative degree weather we are having. bleh.
#2 - a co-worker told me i always dressed so "trendy" today. i thought that was funny.
#3 - i put on this button up shirt today and it felt huge. i then changed into jeans tonight for my hair appointment that could barely zip up. i am having some sort of weird alice in wonderland experience with my clothing right now.
#4 - i am off to get my hair done! wahoo! hopefully it will contribute to feeling better. :)

until next time,


  1. wow! I love this combo! That blue shirt with the lace is such a great basic/fancy contrast.

    Maybe your co-worker meant you're stylish?

  2. This is such a sweet outfit, I adore the skirt!

  3. This skirt is beautiful. You can do almost anything with it. Great find! Lucky You :)

  4. greendress - thanks so much! i think she did, i just thought it was a funny way of putting it. it is interesting. as i have met different people, i realized there are definitely some that are so intimidated by fashion that they believe they can only wear certain pieces or they rule out trying at all because it seems so foreign. it's a big myth. i think everyone can develop a style. :) it's such a fun thing to experiment with, you know?

    dea - aww thanks so much! i can't wait to pair it with the over the moon booties. i think it would be amazing.

    gabby - thanks! it's still available on the riverisland website. only $40 too!