Sunday, February 6, 2011

outfit of the day: 02.06.2011

hello there. if there is one thing i am learning (or reaffirming) is that i am not so good at casual outfits. part of it is the pants. i look better in skirts and dresses. today is an example of this.

i think it looked okay... but usually on sundays i wear black legging tights, some sort of long cardigan, tall boots and call it a day. maybe it was the orange belt and purple sweater. i think a yellow belt (as purple and yellow are opposites) would have been better, no?  yellow belt, officially added to the list! :)

i was going to say, "S, don't worry about sundays. it's your day. just scoot out the 30x30 to be another week long and wear what you want on sundays..." and then, i thought... "S... if you get through these next 4 sundays, you will be able to have all the 30x30 revelations, outfits complete and be a free lady to shop from her closet how ever she pleases!" and so, i bring you... crappy outfit sunday! just kidding. but really. i think i am going to need some help. i also think my jeans need to be re-washed. they are getting baggy and not cute. oh geesh.

here is the polyvore breakdown. my belt was merona from target... but i couldn't find it on their website:

meh. maybe it wasn't so bad. afterall, i spend 3 hours at ikea today and was comfortable and cozy. :) oh and exciting news. my mustard double serge pencil skirt from j.crew is scheduled to arrive tomorrow! thank goodness! i have so many outfits to pair with it!

until next time,


  1. I am the say way. Sundays are spent mostly in leggings and a long cardi. If I go anywhere, then I put on tall boots. It's just so easy!

  2. I have a hard time wearing pants too! I like the various parts of your outfit but wonder if wearing the orange belt over the blouse and then leaving the cardigan open and loose would help. Did you find anything interesting at Ikea? I love to just go and walk around the store, its always interesting to see how they style those mini apartments.

  3. oh, good idea. i might try it with the cardigan opened... it just might be one of those tops that is better either alone or with a jacket that has more structure.