Thursday, February 24, 2011

anthropologie sunny soiree dress fitting review

hello there. this little sunny soiree number had me at hello. it is the same as the vestiges dress (which i own) from fall 2010. i love love love the printed skirt. it has darling little birds!
anthropologie girls from savoy ensemble dresses

once i tried on, though, i noticed some differences.

most notably, the white top of the ensemble dress is sheer. yes. sheer. because of this, i ended up going up to a size 8 (i own a size 6 in the vestiges.) because it's an 8, it looks a little too full in the skirt... catch 22 i suppose.

i tried it on a second time (still in an 8) another day to make sure it wasn't just the one i tried on.

turns out, still sheer. this time, i layered a ribbed mossimo tank underneath. but i am not sure what layering piece i would pick. the top is so sheer (and i am very pale) that anything shows up underneath it.


hmm. still undecided. certainly a sheer top makes it not worth full price, but the skirt fabric is adorable. do you think it could be made into just a skirt? maybe with a cute paper-bag waist?


but it does look cute with tabitha's abbreviated blazer, no? i can imagine the dress with my scarlet and crimson wedges now... (p.s., i am wearing a size 6  in the blazer - fits pretty true to size)

until next time,


  1. That is such a pretty dress! I really like it with the blazer.

  2. You have posted lots of great outfits and I think you have wonderful style. That being said, I think this dress does not do you justice. You have other great dresses that suit you more. I think if you are undecided, you should save your money for the ones that you love the moment you put it on. The ones that make you feel great! Good luck deciding. On a positive note, the jacket is cute!

  3. savannah - thanks, i agree it looks good with the blazer.

    stephc - yes. the more i look at the photos, the more it just.. is not good. i am going to try on the 6 tomorrow and see if it does any better. i like the dress so much... but not quite on me. and i totally agree, i only like to purchase clothing that is "AMAZING" the moment i put them on. like the tuileries :) i appreciate your honesty!