Tuesday, February 1, 2011

outfit of the day: 02.01.2011

hello! happy 30x30 day one! i was pretty excited with this combination. (i wish you could have see my hair today. i did it in a glamorous top of the head bun, like syndey does here, that combined with the flower pin looked very carrie bradshaw)

did you see the boutinnere switcheroo? yes. amazing. i had no idea, but the navy flower on my j.crew jacket was actually a pin and voila! i switched it out today. that little piece of knowledge will come in very handy during this 30x30.

here is the polyvore breakdown:

oh yes and to help me mentally prepare for the 30x30 (and not tempt me to go into my closet), i broke out my garment rolling rack. warning: major fashion nerd photos coming up...

i made a sign. because i might have forgotten what the items were for... hehe.  

30 items plus a few accessories looks a little lonely no? i can definitely see how the 30x30 makes one appreciate the closet choices they have!

until next time,

oh and p.s. thank you for all the polyvore sets you have created already! i will definitely be using them :)


  1. I think that's adorable that you put the items on a rolling rack! Did you find the Sawtooth Myrtle's TTS? I couldn't find your review.

  2. oh good! haha. :) i actually went with a size 37 in the sawtooth myrtles, they didn't have the 36.5 on hand to try when i decided to randomly try on and purchase, but i thought they fit well. they do have a bit of room in the length of the toe box, but they dont slip in the heel at all. i would say overall they run true to size if not a bit small.