Friday, February 11, 2011

outfit of the day: 02.11.2011

hi there! welcome to the weekend!! it went from -2 this morning all the way up to 27! wahoooo! it's a crazy heat wave and I am not complaining!  (it's also nice to have your scarf not be frozen to your face because you breathed into it and the air froze. does anyone know what i am talking about? it's ridiculousness.)

today was all about layers. i have been wanting to wear this sparkly shirt and today was the day.

i kept my accessories pretty plain today. the top adds quite a bit of punch.

the blazer added the perfect amount of polish... i was going to just wear the shirt and blouse, but it needed something extra. with the threads and beads, i didn't think a belt would do the trick.
this was also the first time i wore these boots with jeans. i had always thought of them as skirt/dress boots. i have no idea why. silly me. i guess that's what the 30x30 is for! here is the polyvore breakdown:

until next time,


  1. Good outfit! I never would have thought to wear those boots under jeans. When I saw that you had the sparkle top in your 30 I thought it would be kind of limiting but wearing it as a vest is a great option.

  2. nice! i love how you pair this!

    msyoong (from polyvore! :D)

  3. fallon - thanks so much! i chose the sparkly blouse hoping i could make it work for more than just face value. we'll see if it will go beyond that... hmmm...

    tiffany - thank you!!