Thursday, February 3, 2011

modcloth dive right in dress fitting review

hello! i wanted to share a fitting review of the dive right in dress from modcloth. now don't fret, i did not purchase this during my 30x30 spending hiatus - but it did arrive this week. :)

of course, i love a good bird print dress and this one is no exception. cute, cute, cute.

i also liked it because it had sleeves. i wouldn't need a cardigan to wear to work. i was hoping it wouldn't be too short, but it is (for work at least and in general if i wanted to wear without pants or leggings). i am only 5'4, so i couldn't imagine this one someone taller. it would be a shirt, not a dress.

for being $90, i was concerned that the fabric would be flimsy - but it was thicker than expected. overall nice quality, but not sure if it worth $90 considering the length and how often i could wear it because of that factor.

based on the online recommendation, i sized down to a medium (i usually order a large in "forever21" teen type dresses). the sizing recommendation online seems right and the medium fit.

overall verdict - it's totally cute, but going back based on length and price. if i could wear it to work (i.e. maybe a little above the knee) i would keep it, but i think this one is even too short to have a slip help.

until next time,


  1. Oh, too bad about the length. It is super cute, but I agree not versatile enough for the price. Maybe it will make it to sale.

  2. Oh, I think it looks so great on you! Too bad about the length, it's super cute. Love the print and the necktie!

  3. I love a good bird print, and this one is so cute with the necktie and sleeves. Too bad about the length.. could you wear it as a tunic with skinny jeans or leggings?

  4. lc - good thought! i am hoping it makes it to sale!

    carly - thanks! i love the print too! i might try it one more time with a slip just in case :) and if not, sale time

    overcaffeinated - i totally think i could wear it with pants or leggings and it would work with it really well, but not sure if i would pay that much for a top then... hmm...

  5. darnit. I find this with all their dresses. Too short. I'm 5'4" and like short, but don't want to show all that on a regular basis.

  6. smooch - i know! i have yet to find a dress that isn't too short from them. i have even taken to shopping their "longer dress" section... umm. still short.